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Sep 9, 2012 5:00am PDT
science and religion where did you corrupt russell >>> a group of los angeles came to stanford went to seminary in that my wife charlotte and the studio with us she's a pastor first convert church in berkeley and a ph.d. in santa cruz and taught at carleton college in can accurate '81 and '82 and began teaching in that storm professor at the center. >>> what do like to do not teaching reading or writing? >>> when this that i play the piano while of the p.m. greatcoat notre dame press new book time and eternity if you want to get in touch as anybody here have a journal >>> this is a membership organization you could go on line to sign up as a member with members worldwide direct for regional both online and in print called theology and science have public forums during the fall and spring and anyone is welcome to come to that an annual fellowship, principal consultant for a we have a lot of stuff going especially this fall. >>> a great resource for the bay area of things for you to be in the studio with us will be back next month for if he thinks science and religion are and a chemical
Sep 10, 2012 7:30pm PDT
in "the temple of confessions." we're sitting on the car. the los angeles police department has just pulled us over. slowly, you put your hands on the dashboard, and keep them there in full view. the officer comes, and he asks me to show him my driver's license. and i go for i oy? [ slowly ] i am reaching for my wallet. and, norma, could you get the car registration out of the glove compartment? okay. i am reaching for the glove compartment. slow actions. nothing sudden. this is just a wallet. make sure it's nothing threatening. don't scare them. offer a smile every now and then. i have the registration. that's very good. very good. you keep the other hand visible. you already knew to do that. excellent. good. so this is a typical chicano performance art rehearsal. [ rooster crows ] sifuentes: washington is undergoing its own urban crisis. it's a very troubled city. woman: christina has been doing paperwork for the past 2 1/2 hours. she only left the corcoran about five minutes ago. so all the paperwork was not processed. this is really hypocritical, you know. nafta means open m
Sep 19, 2012 7:30pm PDT
lawyer. he was a young, hotshot lawyer down in los angeles, and he's's on wilshire boulevard one morning, driving his old chevrolet, and he sees the car in front of him is a partner in his law firm, and it's a mercedes, and he's stuck in traffic, and he's just thinking, "okay, so i'm going to put 20, 30 years of my life into this effort being a lawyer, so that i can be stuck in traffic 30 years later in a fancier car? that's what i do? he quit the next day he turned in his papers and he went and became a monk. so something is happening, and that's why i wanted to bring this into the experiential dimension. sure. >> the question i have, they are living by themselves in a very enclosed, capsulated world and becoming satisfied religiously and spiritually within themselves, and yet he's talking about the branches and the roots reaching out to touch others. how does he do that if he stays within those walls? >> i have heard that - >> i would like to understand that. if everybody stayed enclosed and capsulated, how's it going to spread? >> i've got a story on this one, but it's the pre
Sep 8, 2012 6:30am PDT
hi link tv, i'm kavi ladnier i'm an actress living in los angeles, ca and i was born in kerala, india i look at myself and where i'm from with so much gratitude because there is such a rich culture and a heritage there. but i also have the opportunity of being an american so i really can take & grab from the best of both worlds i think it's very important that media outlets like link tv exist. if we focused on the differences
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4